Saturday, August 9, 2008

How To Beat Online Roulette

(The System)

Simple method to maximize profits when playing online roulette. This System has been proven and will work. Follow all steps for best sucess: There are a handful of online casinos which have a large flaw in their Roulette systems. They have it setup so that for every 15 spins, atleast one number from each of the thirds will appear (1 high number, 1 medium number, and 1 low number). Read on for examples which earn cash through the flaw.


To the untrained or unobservant eye, this flaw would be nearly impossible to find without knowing where to look. It occurs with the Column Dozen bets (High/Medium/Low). To ensure you understand what these bets are, I have illustrated them below:

1) This is a bet on “Low”. You win if any number from 1-12 (Inclusive) comes in.

Low Bet

2) This is a bet on “Middle”. You win if any number from 13-24 (Inclusive) comes in.

Middle Bet

3) This is a bet on “High”. You win if any number from 25-36 (Inclusive) comes in.

High Bet

The event that is programmed to NEVER occur is for a 'High', 'Medium', or 'Low' number to NOT appear for more than 15 consecutive spins. In other words, the flaw in the code is that at least ONE 'High', 'Medium', and 'Low' number MUST always appear in 16 consecutive spins. You may already be guessing how you can exploit this, but please click below to learn the best way of exploiting this successfully.

Note: This flaw DOES NOT occur in Play-money mode since the spins are generated locally by your computer.


As you may have guessed, the best way to exploit this flaw is to use a progression to ensure you are covered for the consecutive spins necessary for the column dozen you are betting on to win. If you follow my instructions, you are guaranteed to win between $1 and $3 for every winning number, regardless of how many losing ones you have had.

I've developed a VERY basic system for you. Here it is:

Sit back and watch the first 5 spins. (Don't bet just yet!)

For every number that comes up, categorize it into one of the sections (LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH).
For example, if the sequence of numbers that came up in a row is:
4, 20, 17, 7, 36
Then you would have written down: L, M, M, L, H.

What you are watching for is when one column has not come up yet! For example:
L, L, M, L, M - A ‘High' number (H) HAS NOT dropped in for FIVE consecutive spins. It is time to start betting on the 'HIGH' column dozen..

High Bet

Understand? Great!

After each winning, wait for the next time a column has not come up, then bet again... Wash, rinse and repeat.
Soon you'll have a HUGE bank roll and you'll be able to bet larger.

Where to use the system:

Now as I mentioned before, this doesn't work on all online casinos. After trial and error testing i've come up with a few of the ones which i've won heaps on:

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